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Line Rental & Calls - Monthly Tracker

Line Rental

Choosing our Monthly Tracker line rental guarantees you the best possible discount on your line rental for the next 12 months.

We track against BT’s Standard Business rates so if their prices go down, ours will too. We guarantee we will always be cheaper than BT!

The line rental is £14.50/month payable in a simple monthly payments.


This is an exclusive rate offered as a 24 month contract to customers who:

  • Take at least one call plan or have a minimum call spend of £10/month*

* If call plans are removed or call spend falls below £10 / month, line rental will revert to the Standard Rate.


Payments are collected by Direct Debit.

If you don’t want to pay by Direct Debit, that’s fine. There’s just a £5/month ‘Non DD’ charge to cover the admin


A range of call plans, designed to save you money and help you budget, can be found on our Calling Tariffs.

Call connection charges may apply. Please check our Standard Call Charges for full details.

We only use Tier 1 service providers to ensure that you get the highest quality of call, whatever the destination.

Mobile minutes apply to calls to T-Mobile (EE), Orange (EE), Vodafone & O2 only.


Invoices are sent around the 14th of each month and via email as standard. If you prefer a paper version, that’s fine, there’s just a £3.50/month 'Bill Production' charge to cover admin & postage costs.

Direct Debits will be taken on or just after the 21st of each month. There’s an additional charge of £5.00/month for non direct debit payments to cover the admin.


Can I keep my existing number?
(+ show details)

Yes - Your number will remain the same.

I rent equipment from my current supplier – How is this affected?
(+ show details)

Your equipment will stay exactly the same. If you're renting the equipment then you will continue the agreement as normal. We will just bill you for your line rental and calls.

Will there be any disruption to my service?
(+ show details)

We work hard to ensure there is no downtime and make it a completely seamless transfer. The only thing that will change is the cost of your bills.

How long does it all take?
(+ show details)

To register is simple, it takes just a few minutes and then we will take care of everything for you. It should take around 14 days for the switch to take place. Your current provider will reimburse you for any unused line rental once you leave.

The rates advertised on your website aren’t the same as I have been offered by one of your sales people. Why is this?
(+ show details)

From time to time we run special offers and campaigns to attract new customers to use our services. These offers are strictly limited so don't take too long to think about it!

Who do I contact if there is a fault on my line?
(+ show details)

Contact us and we will assist you in ensuring that the fault is established and if necessary a BT Openreach engineer will be dispatched to your premises to fix the problem.