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Business Broadband

Broadband Service

Choosing our Business Broadband guarantees you the highest quality connection as we will search your exchange for the best connection available for your line.

Many internet service providers (ISP’s) offer low budget broadband, but at peak times the bottleneck effect of a high concentration ratio can be considerable. We however, offer a competitively priced, yet reliable connection.

Our Business Broadband costs from £14.99/month

All broadband services require a fixed telephone line to operate. This will be charged separately and costs from £12.00/month

s Equipment

A 4 port wireless router will be supplied as standard. It offers easy ‘plug & play’ set up and costs £40.00.

If you prefer to use your own router, that’s ok by us!

Usage / Speeds

Our Light Broadband and Medium Broadband packages carry monthly usage limits. You will be charged £1.50/GB for every GB over your agreed tariff. Our Unlimited Broadband package however, is just that…Unlimited!

We aim to maximize the speeds you can achieve by using intelligent speed and traffic prioritisation as standard. Speeds are subject to the distance from your line to the exchange as well as the quality of your line. Please contact us for a line / estimated speed check.


Our rates are offered on either a 12, 18 or 24 month basis. This will be outlined in your agreement.


All new Business Broadband subscriptions are subject to a one-off connection charge of £39.99

Payments are collected by Direct Debit.

If you don’t want to pay by Direct Debit, that’s fine. There’s an additional charge of £5.00/month for non direct debit payments to cover the admin.


We like to keep things simple, so you will receive one invoice covering all Business Broadband services and any Line Rental & Calls packages.

Invoices are sent around the 14th of each month and via email as standard. If you prefer a paper version, that’s fine, there’s just a £3.50/month 'Bill Production' charge charge to cover admin & postage costs.

Direct Debits will be taken on or just after the 21st of each month.


Do I need to have my telephone lines with you in order for you to supply my broadband?
(+ show details)

It is not compulsory for you to take out one of our Line Rental & Call packages. However, we guarantee you won’t find cheaper, so why wouldn’t you?!

Will there be any disruption to my service?
(+ show details)

We work hard to ensure there is no downtime and make it a completely seamless transfer.

How does the transfer from my current provider work?
(+ show details)

To register is simple, it takes just a few minutes and then we will take care of everything for you. We will contact your provider to let them know so you don’t have to.

The prices advertised on your website aren’t the same as I have been offered by one of your sales people. Why is this?
(+ show details)

From time to time we run special offers and campaigns to attract new customers to use our services. These offers are strictly limited so don't take too long to think about it!

What happens if I go over my agreed usage?
(+ show details)

If you are on either our Light Broadband or Medium Broadband package, you will be charged £1.50/GB for every GB over your agreed tariff. To upgrade your tariff and avoid this charge Contact Us.

Who do I contact if there is a fault?
(+ show details)

Contact us and we will assist you in ensuring that the fault is established and if necessary an engineer will be dispatched to your premises to fix the problem.