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Work Hard PR

Work Hard PR is a music and event publicity company founded by Roland Hyams in 1995, with roots dating back to 1986 as ‘Roland Hyams PR’ and then ‘Rock Hard PR’.

Roland’s career began in the early 80s: handling global superstars such as; The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Police before partnering Alan Edwards at Modern Publicity – again handling big names like Ozzy Osbourne, Dead Or Alive and the Cult.

As the era of Rock continued to dominate Roland, now with his own PR firm, continued to present an impressive client list featuring Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, The Stranglers and once more: Ozzy himself.

Handling the PR of such well known artists meant Roland was a well-known name in the industry.

Although Rock doesn’t quite have the same status now that it once had Work Hard PR continues to create successful campaigns, for new and established acts in the same way they always have, whether it be in promotion of a record, tour or festival.

As you can imagine a career like Roland’s doesn’t come without a number of awards and memorabilia which now call Work Hard PR their home. Featuring letters from Sharon Osbourne, platinum discs and iconic newspaper clippings: we highly recommend you check out Work Hard PR’s testimonials now!

Their Feedback

Simply the best telecom company I have ever been supplied by. They call you to check everything is fine after broadband problems. BT never did.

Roland Hyams

And Finally

If you’re interested in up and coming Rock acts and events you have to check out the Work Hard PR website!