Customer Story

JmB-PC aims to be a one-stop shop for anyone having computer issues.

As well as repairing PCs, laptops and phones, they also sell new and used models.

Whether machines just need a re-tune to help them run a little faster, or whether customers need help upgrading or running anti-virus checks, JmB-PC are glad to help.

They even offer a custom machine build service, for those who have very specific needs from their computers.

And because they’re all about customer service, they offer free quotes and virus scans, as well as a no fix, no fee policy.

Their Feedback

We changed from Unicom some months ago and we are now saving around £40.00 a month for the exact same lines and equipment.

A real live human on the end of the phone too!

Jason Boniface

And Finally

They are very proud of their ‘well-stocked’ shop but will also come out to you if your prefer…!