Customer Story
Conservation Chemicals Consultants

Conservation Chemical Consultants Ltd (CCC) were established in 1987 and they are currently based in Ulverston, which is on the outskirts of the Lake District. CCC are specialists in sealants, coatings and consolidants for stone, wood, tiles and many more materials.

CCC have been meeting the needs of businesses from all over the world; from Indonesia to Washington State. They also work for many different people, including manufacturing companies and architects. They are always finding ways of fixing any dilemmas with adapted old techniques or completely new processes.

CCC always make sure that they’re finished products are of the highest possible quality. The key elements for them are a natural looking finish, a product with high strength and durability deep down into the material and a finish that can be applied by professionals and less experienced individuals.

Their Feedback

Things can always go wrong or not work correctly that cannot be helped but the key to good service is putting the problems right, I found Stephen and Jamie top draw!


And Finally

CCC have worked with some big name brands; most notably, they’ve worked with John Lewis, Halifax and Adidas!