Customer Story
Adastra Pacific Ltd

A varied career that took Anthony Coe all over the world has now seen him bring that knowledge, and passion, back to the UK; conceiving Adastra Pacific Ltd

Anthony started out designing specialist radios for the police and armed forces before spending 20 years in Thailand and the Philippines teaching locals his skills.

During that time he met his wife Imelda, known as Tess, and when re-locating back to Stockport in the UK, they decided to do something completely different. Their solution was to open a family-run store selling food and goods from Western Pacific countries including The Philippines, China, Thailand and Japan.

The shop has been trading as a limited company for over five years, sells over 1000 products and ships all over the UK.

Their Feedback

It was a pleasure to contact Boxx Comms. I run a small shop with my wife and realised that paying our bills automatically via the bank does have its downsides, as we had not reclaimed the VAT for over a year.

Steven Davie at Boxx Comms couldn’t have been more helpful. It was a pleasant surprise to contact a helpline manned by a friendly human who actually wanted to help rather than a telephone answering machine which referred you to their website.

Top marks to Steven for helping and top marks to Boxx Comms for providing genuine intelligent human support.

Anthony Coe

And Finally

Anthony’s wife was known as Maritess while working in Taiwan because her Chinese co-workers couldn’t pronounce Imelda. Anthony shortened this to Tess, which when combined with the family surname of Coe gave her the nickname of a UK supermarket!