Horizon Service Outage

Horizon Service Outage

Yesterday Horizon users experienced a severe service outage.

Firstly and foremost we want to sincerely apologise for the disruption this caused to you, our customers.

GAMMA Horizon’s Andy Morris (COO) issued the following statement;

“We fully recognise the critical nature that communications play in the day-to-day operation of an organisation, however large or small. Wednesday’s issue was an extraordinary event and in no way represents our historical performance.”

Here at Boxx we live and breathe this product, so experienced the same frustrations yesterday. However, Horizon is still a product we firmly believe in.

We choose to work with GAMMA over and above other hosted telephony suppliers because of their commitment to and continued investment into their network. On this occasion the issue was unprecedented and appears to be related to a software bug. In over 7 years, this is the first time an issue like this has occurred, which is an outstanding record of resilience.

In saying the above, we do not underestimate the severity & impact on your business. We absolutely respect the critical nature and all of our staff have been committed to dealing with the situation.

This morning we were invited to attend a webinar with GAMMA, who have been very open & forthcoming about what caused the problems yesterday.

Andy Morris reassured us with these comments;

“The underlying root cause is fully understood and we have no reason to believe we will not be able to continue to support the high levels of service you rightfully expect.”

We of course understand that it was an incredible difficult time yesterday and feedback provided to us this morning by some of our customers indicates that we could have communicated with you better.

A situation like this brings spotlight to disaster recovery plans and we now intend to revisit our own processes, so that we are able to provide information to our customers more quickly.

We would also recommend that all businesses review their own contingency plans – covering all business functions, including telecommunications. Account managers here will be to looking to discuss your telephony disaster recovery plans with you in the coming weeks.

Dean Burgin Director – Boxx Communications

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