The Gigabit Voucher Scheme

The Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Here at Boxx, we are excited to be helping businesses grow by providing access to super-fast 1Gbps internet connectivity!

Equal to 1000Mbps and multiple times faster than most businesses currently operate with, it is a massive leap forwards in terms of connectivity speed which can benefit businesses, both now and into the future.

For businesses looking to move to cloud-based applications, or for those who already do, this dedicated business grade offering brings vast opportunities to improve productivity and intensify growth.

In parallel with the availability of 1Gbps fibre in cities across the country, the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport have launched a ‘Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme’ whereby businesses can apply for a grant of up to £3000* to upgrade to gigabit capable infrastructure.

The scheme has been given a budget of £67m to drive forward their vision of a full fibre Britain.

The Government recognise that gigabit speed is a key step for most businesses and demand for greater digital connectivity is set to accelerate in future years.

Businesses eligible for the ‘Gigabit Voucher Scheme’ include those who employ fewer than 250 people and have an annual turnover not exceeding 50m Euros.

For businesses with a growth strategy, gigabit internet connection yields many benefits including supporting symmetrical connections, meaning upload and download speeds can be the same – making cloud-based applications much more efficient.

If you have a large or growing team, use cloud-based applications or simply require faster, more reliable connectivity, we can advise whether 1Gbps connectivity is available and/or most suitable for your business and we can assist you in an application for the Government’s ‘Gigabit Voucher Scheme’!

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*As of November 12th 2018, The DCMS have reduced the amount given out from £3000 to £2500.

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