Message on Hold has arrived!

Message on Hold has arrived!

Did you know that, on average, 94% of a company’s marketing budget is spent trying to get people to call the business?

And when they call, do you want to greet customers with a boring recorded message – or worse, bleeps or no sound at all? No, you don’t!

Well that’s where our new Message on Hold service can help…

Message on Hold allows you to build a better customer experience with a professionally recorded multi-prompt message using customised scripts and music.

The scripts can vary in length and content and can be recorded with a specific type of voice. The music you choose alongside these scripts can reflect the nature of your company and industry, whether that is relaxed and calming or upbeat and motivational. The choice is up to you! So, what exactly are we offering?

We are offering three different packages, all with different bespoke features.

Package 1, our ‘Basic Message’ package, will include a two-prompt on hold message that can be professionally recorded for you.

Package 2, the ‘Starter Package’, will include the above along with an auto-attendant and a night service message too.

Package 3, the ‘All-In Service’ package, will include everything mentioned as well as 2 x seasonal updates to your scripts or the option of an extended message – up to six prompts!

Now you may be saying “this is all well and good, but how exactly can this help me?” Below is just some of the many benefits of this product:

Valuable tool in marketing your other products – you can use your message to advertise other areas of your business, such as your website.

Keeping your customer’s attention – customers are far more likely to hang up when on hold if there is no message or music to keep them interested.

Professionalism – Expertly recorded messages and music to suit will make your business sound more professional, ultimately leading to customers believing you’re a reliable business.

Building a B2C relationship – updating your messages to suit special occasions or thanking your customers for their business and patience will build a personal connection between you and your clients – showing you care for your customers.

Auto-attendant – Callers don’t need to talk to multiple employees to be directed to the correct department which is usually frustrating for both parties!

Psychologically reduces your hold time – The use of music and messages will not bore customers, making time fly by for them!

Wow! Sounds like a cool product, right?

All the information and prices you need are summed up on our Message on Hold product page, check it out!

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